What is the safe face cleaner for pregnant ladies?

Wow, it has been 3 weeks that I have not update.

My son and I are spending our time with my parents for almost 1 month now. My husband will come down to see us and get us back to home after Xmas. :-)

I have to admit that I enjoy the workless for a bit and my son is in so heaven with my parents. Of course, my parents are spoiling him so much. :-)

My pregnancy goes well so far and tomorrow will be 14 weeks! Unbelievable!!! And now I'm facing pimples problem as I never had any problem when I was pregnant with my son.

Any of you can recommend me to buy the good product that is safe for pregnant lady like me and for others too!

On other hand, I heard that if you got a lot of pimples that mean you are having a girl!!! I hope this myth is so trueeee even though it is myth is a myth. :-)

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