Sorry for being MIA for a bit.

Sorry ladies for being MIA so much lately. With all the appointments I have been having with Ashley, and having my mouth worked on at the begining of the month, been kind of busy. Mouth is FINALLY feeling better that I am able to eat anything that I want. Had a follow up with Ashley's GI doctor and neurologist last week. The GI doctor said that her blood work came back fine and not sure why she is losing the weight. Her thyroid is fine so I am stumped on that one. The neurologist said the follow up MRI we had done came back fine, but think her being deleyed has something to do with her second Chromosome that is deleted might have something to do with it. I have to take Ashley to another speclist to try and figure it out.

Plus I am FINALLY down to my weight that I was before I had Ashley. I got a pound and a half but it works for me. Lost it the wrong way, kind of, but the last couple of weeks I wasn't really able to eat much. On top it is all, I am also late for my period. Last month, I was a couple of days early and this month, I am a couple of days late. Going to be taking a test today. If I am pregnant, I was hoping to be after I figured out what was going on with Ashley and if it was safe to get pregnant again, not before hand. But if I am, it is still a blessing.

If I don't get back on here again, Have a safe and fun Christmas, Hanakka, and New Year with your families ladies.

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