The answers follow the letters of the alphabet from A to Z with the answer to #1 starting with an A and #26 starting with a Z. Have fun!
I will post the correct answer for each answered question.
1. The first witnesses to the miracle of Christmas
2. Heard in churches on Christmas day
3. Used in both decoration and illumination
4. What little girls may like to find under the tree
5. What we all do too often at Christmas
6. Where the stockings should be hung
7. What everyone should have for everyone else
8. Traditional Christmas decoration
9. We like real ones outside and artificial ones on the tree
10.Santa is supposed to be this
11.What a German child calls Santa Claus
12. Christmas parcels, when mailed. should always be
13. Girls like to stand under it
14. They get cracked during the Christmas baking
15. We gather around it to sing carols
16. St. Nick carries it
17. When kids are waiting for Santa they are
18. There are supposed to be eight of them
19. The old guy himself 20. The main course at dinner
21. At Christmas, it's a lucky child who has a rich
22. Beside turkey, we like a variety of
23. We hang it on the front door
24. Abbreviation for Christmas
25. In England, they always brought one home for Christmas
26. The way some folks walk after an overdose of Christmas spirits

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