help doctors office closed for the week

Long story shor lo will be ten months on the 28. Can I start mixing cows milk with my breast milk maybe? My milk production has slowed way down.

    At ten months I would mix it with formula and not cows milk. The cows milk does not have the nutrients that baby needs right now. Since they get all or most all of their nutrients from liquids until a year old it is best to keep it breast milk or formula.
      I would mix with formula. If you want to get your milk supply back up try fenugreek, mother's milk tea and oatmeal. There are many more, but those are the ones i know off the top of my head to boost supply.
        Bethany Reilly
        I wouldn't. My sons Dr is very big on waiting until the exact day. Maybe even a few days after they turn one to switch them. I'd do formula mixed in.
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