what does effaced mean

My dr told me today that im 1 1/2 cm dilated 70% efface and i thinned out a lot. Last week she said baby was at a -2 and this week she said she dropped more and can feel her head. I had my membranes stripped again also. Half of this i jist really dont understand can anyone dumb it down lol.

    Effacement is the process by which the cervix prepares for delivery. After the baby has engaged in the pelvis, it gradually drops closer to the cervix; the cervix gradually softens, shortens and becomes thinner. You might hear phrases like “ripens,” or “cervical thinning” which refer to effacement.Effacement is measured in percentages. For example, your health care provider may tell you that you are effaced 50%, which means you are half way to being completely effaced. When you are 100% effaced or completely effaced, your cervix is paper-thin and labor is right around the corner.
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