So my son is just a little over 3 and I've always heard terrible threes or worse than terrible twos...My son will just not listen to me..he just wont until I have to yell at him, and threaten a time out. On top of that he keeps saying im a bad mom when I tell him no and too not talk to him...He goes from 1 to 100 in a matter of a second...are these normal tantrums..this is my only child so ive never been through this before. He has had tantrums before but they were never this bad. Any suggestions?

    Part of it might be jealousy, but it seems pretty normal. Just stick to your guns and stop threatening consequences, do the consequences. Make sure he knows he will get in trouble every time.
    My four year old has started on the 'bad mom' crap. Drives me crazy, but many older moms have always told me if I hear that I must be doing something right. I always tell him it hurts my feelings when he says that, there are rules he has to obey and if he doesn't he gets in trouble.
    I hope so for you. Hugs, you are not alone. Maybe @Laura can help some more.
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