It is Christmas morning and my kids are still sleeping and I m debating on even waking them up. Besides having my baby girl this year has been long, tough, depressing and just flat out unbearable. Been trying to get this new house situated with fixing it up buying things needed paying rent in two places that I did not have a lot to buy my son all the gifts I wanted to. I feel like a bad mom having him watch other people open up five times the amount of presents than him. I know its just me that s taking it this way cause my baby is happy with whatever he is easy to please its just im not. I also know that with certain people its going to be an issue on why I didn't go bat crazy buying presents that is not good enough that its messed up. Although I know is about the thought and about family I just feel bad for my baby I don't want him feeling bad. His birthday coming up in two months too lord jesus I know I am going to have to double up. I don't know maybe im just over reacting but on that note I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas may god bless you and your family.

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