Night one of transition from my bed to bassinet.

Finally got him to sleep. Took breastfeeding, a lot of rocking, and some "Baby Got Colic" white noise, but he's finally asleep.

Now, here's to hoping daddy doesn't wake him up...

Megan GibbsMountain Home, Idaho
Megan Gibbs
He can be. Sometimes my kids will shout right next to him and he won't budge, other times if you shut a door quietly, he jumps awake.
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    Megan Gibbs
    He sleeps okay for a while, but the first time he wakes up to eat I give up because I'm fighting to stay awake. Plus, reading up on SIDS made me super paranoid lol. He can roll over from back to tummy and vice versa fine, but I saw him with his face down once.
    Plus I think he's getting a cold, stuffy, runny nose all last night.
    Megan Gibbs
    He did sleep a full two hour nap in there the other day, though.
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