olive oil to cook?

I've been using olive oil to cook. My mother said I shouldn't use it to cook, but use vegetable oil instead. I did some research and found out that in principle, organic, unrefined, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil should have the lowest smoke point of all forms of olive oil since this form of the oil is the least refined, most nutrient dense and contains the largest concentration of fragile nutritive components. Oxidation of nourishing substances found in extra virgin olive oil, as well as acrylamide formation, can occur at cooking temperatures very closer to the 300°F/148°C range. For these reasons, they don't recommend cooking with extra virgin olive oil.

What do you cook with?

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      It depends on what i'm cooking, I like olive oil for dressings and seasoning with, or baking kale chips. Coconut oil is great to bake with and canola/vegetable oil to fry with.
        There are some olive oils with higher cooking temp ratings. We just use coconut oil or bacon grease.
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