tips on weening

any tips on weening a slightly stubborn 18 month old?

    I had one who weaned himself and one who I had to stop cold turkey, but she was only down to bed time when we stopped.

    I'd say get babe off the day time feedings, offer other things when they ask to nurse (milk, water) in a sippy cup, cuddle and read a book. Then do the same for night time/nap time feedings. I think it would be a lot easier to do a little at a time. For my now almost 3 year old, the hardest part was getting her to understand we had to just cuddle now instead of nurse and the first week was very hard. But after a week, she understood and it got a little easier every night with less tears.
    Thanks Tabitha. I'm down to right before bed nursing, and sometimes in the middle of the night. What sucks, is James used to only nurse before bed, then when he chipped his tooth a few months ago, nursing in the middle of the night was what comforted him.
    :) I gave her a cup instead, because when I tried just taking it out, she screamed.. Every night I put a little less in the cup, it was just water.
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