Potty In 1 day!! That was easy!!

I most share this story with you ladies...

I had been trying to potty trained my now 3 yr old son Ozzie for the longest time now, but now the cost of diapers with a third baby was going to hit my pocket bad ( even though I am cloth diapering my middle child, Ozzie is to big to fit them and the baby is to tiny to wear them so we talking $40 every 2 weeks) so Ozzie is eating like a Big boy so that means that when he goes to do #2 is OH BOY! But on Friday I just couldn't take it anymore and I was tired of just asking him if he wanted to wear underwears and his reply was always Noooooo! So after changing him from the morning diaper I grab an underwear no question ask and just put it on got the potty put it in my living room and just told him "look hunn you will peepee her mommy will help you ok" he said Ok momy... the 1st 3 times he sat on the potty and did it with his underwear on but I was ok with it because he at least was trying, until I came in the bathroom and he saw me pulling my underwear down and he grab his potty and put his underwear down and DID IT all by himself, so yesterday he did #2 but that was a Mess so we still working on that...lol.. but last night I put the night time diaper and he rush to his potty because he had to go, this morning he got up before me and looked in his draw and took off his diaper and put an underwear did his business and came to my room and said " Momy I did it before you, I peepee All by myself" so get me a lollipop" Lol... 1 down 2 more to go!!

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