8 Ways to Pamper Yourself When Pregnant

Show your feet some love.
Your tootsies are taking a lot of abuse these days — for one thing, they're supporting your increasing poundage and there's a good chance they're swollen from an increase in fluids. To the (temporary) rescue: a warm soak, either in the tub (keep water below 100 degrees) or in a foot bath (a layer of smooth stones on the bottom feels amazing on sore soles). Then anoint those puppies with a rich slather of lotion and prop them up for a well-earned rest. Ahh.

Hoist a glass.
Whether your drink of choice these days is cranberry juice or pomegranate seltzer, any drink tastes better served in an elegant glass. So on a particularly rough day, take the extra minute to dust off a wine, champagne, or martini glass and fill it with ice and your favorite quencher. Garnish with a couple of raspberries or slice of lime, then toast to the fact that you're treating yourself right.

Eat something truly decadent.
A cheesy slice of pizza with extra anchovies? A fried Oreo? A plate piled high with fries? Dig in. As long as you're maintaining a healthy diet most of the time, it's okay to indulge a craving every once in a while. But do so without guilt or don't do it at all.

Spa yourself silly.
With your body somewhat out of control during pregnancy, it'll do your psyche a world of good to get a grip on grooming. Grab a mani-pedi when you can, especially during the last few months when you can't touch (or even see) your toes.

Wear something pretty…
Been living in your partner's sweatpants and button-downs (with the bottom few buttons undone)? That outfit might be comfy, but it sure won't help you channel your inner goddess. No need to break the bank here, but do invest in a pair of quality maternity leggings or jeans and a super-soft cotton or cashmere sweater that feels (and looks) beautiful.

and have fun accessorizing.
Here's the strategy: Buy a few well-made maternity garments and wear them to death, and you'll have leftover cash to spend on items you can wear well after you deliver. But accessorize like there's no tomorrow and it will seem as if you're wearing lots of new outfits, rather than rotating a precious few.

Read for fun, not facts.
Like any good mommy-to-be, you want all the info you can get: But don't overdo it by spending every free moment boning up on pregnancy books and blogs. Take a break. Instead, pick up a novel or magazine that's just plain fun. Spy caper, romantic saga, or Us Weekly, the point is to truly relax and escape for a while.

Make it a movie night.
Veteran moms will tell you: Once the baby comes, it's a lot harder to do nights out. So take advantage of your freedom while you've got it — grab your partner and take in a flick and/or dinner. (You might need an afternoon nap if you're planning on staying awake for both!)