..tis far better to GIVE than receive!

Mamas.. do you give to others during the Holidays? Do you find it important to teach your kiddos to put others first that need uplifting and time taken for them? My parents are part of a mentor program in SC at a local school... she has had the same mentee for the past 2 years and recently told me how she expressed that she doesn't get anything for Christmas.. like she ALREADY knows :( My Mom decided to buy her a few really special items and it gifting them to her today.. my Mom had no idea that not one gift would really even be bought for her.. so she is making her know she is loved :) I also know a few families who take OTHERS a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal before having their own or even opening presents :) I need to step it up! A year ago it was bitter cold outside and I saw a Salvation Army man all bundled head to toe.. ringing his bell, but literally freezing.. so when I went into buy what I wanted.. I snagged him some cookies and gave them to him on my way out - the look on his face was worth everything to me..

But once again I need to do MORE!

Do you have anything you regularly do around the Holidays?

Let's start chatting about what we CAN do!​

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        This year the Moms Group I am a part of Adopted a local family with 5 children that can't afford food and gifts this Christmas so we are contributing to that. When I was a kid my family did the same thing and adopted a family. I remember being so excited when my mom took us to the store to pick out the presents for them. Then we wrapped them and my mom took them to the shelter that arranged it. It was a very nice way to teach us to give. I think it would be nice for us to do that when Holly is old enough.
          8Theresa Gould
          Yes, we have in the past but I often feel like we need to do more too. We have participated in Operation Christmas Child (shoe boxes), my husband and boys have rang the bell for the Salvation Army. We've given to organizations who arrange for gifts of animals and other things to families in third world countries. We've baked things for our neighbors. Things like that.
            Sabrina Abbott
            I love the west coast. It's where I grew up. My relatives are the field, so this year the kids and I are making specialty homemade breads for them according to their favorite tastes.

            My mom is getting 3 loaves of crockpot cinnamon raisin bread; and my aunt who is mentally ill is getting crockpot jalapeno and zucchini bread.

            My sister, who lives with her bf and they're both on social security so they struggle to feed themselves are getting 3 months worth of frozen meat shipped to her doorstep. And I'm going into business with my baby sister in the spring. We're opening a dance supply store in the city.

            We tell them every chance we get that we love them because He loved them first and we suffer long with them as joyfully as we are able. We aren't made of money, but He has made us complete. My kids are excited.
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