Is it normal to bleed after a pap smear??

I just got my first papa smear and I'm 24 weeks. I went to the bathroom and when I wiped I had a little blood on the TP. I ran to my mom and told her and she said it was normal but me being 17 and a first time mom, I'm still really worried.... should I go to the hospital or is this totally normal. I don't wanna lose my baby girl because of not knowing what's going on. Any advice helps. Please....

    I'd say your mom knows what she's talking about. But if you are really concerned, call the doctor and ask. I've never had that issue, but sometimes when they are checking you you do get a little spotting. Was it bright red or darker? Bright red is fresh, darker could be from the mucus plug (keeps infection out of your uterus and comes out before delivery on it's own).
      its normal to bleed a bit ...u should worry if its like a peruod
        Bethany Reilly
        I always do when I have pap smears. Totally normal to have a little bit. Your whole vagina changes when you're pregnant and things become!e more sensitive. Don't worry unless you're bleeding heavily. But a little spotting is normal.
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