Is it normal to bleed after a pap smear??

I just got my first papa smear and I'm 24 weeks. I went to the bathroom and when I wiped I had a little blood on the TP. I ran to my mom and told her and she said it was normal but me being 17 and a first time mom, I'm still really worried.... should I go to the hospital or is this totally normal. I don't wanna lose my baby girl because of not knowing what's going on. Any advice helps. Please....

    its normal to bleed a bit ...u should worry if its like a peruod
      Bethany Reilly
      I always do when I have pap smears. Totally normal to have a little bit. Your whole vagina changes when you're pregnant and things become!e more sensitive. Don't worry unless you're bleeding heavily. But a little spotting is normal.
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