Am I the only one??

Am I the only one that gets mad when their child goes off to spend time with their dad and the dad is not always there? I mean I understand going to work or running to the supermarket real quick. But when you fight for all this time that you supposibly want with your child, you aren't even there all the time..Your off living your life, going out and doing things that I feel should be done when you don't have your child..I mean why take them away from the mother just to go drop them off at the babysitter/family? For instense my daughters father went 3 1/2 hours away last night to celebrate New Years instead of staying home with the kids. so my daughter ended up at hi moms last night and did not see him until 3:00pm today for only a few minutes then he left again to go do laundry at his moms. And a couple weeks ago when he had her he dropped her off literally two minutes after he picked her up from me to go to a Christmas party! I mean I understand people have a life but when I have been taken to court and made out to be the biggest bitch in just to make yourself look better and complain that you don't see her enough and you want more time, it just pisses me off when he's dropping her off to someone else as much as possible..I feel he should make plans when he doesn't have her..Or maybe I'm just the only one that feels this way...I could go on and on but I will stop now..Just needed to rant

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