natural birth vs C section

question= how do u know if u can deliver natural or c section is needed?? Does ur Obgyn tell u ahead of time??? The reason is that im 32 weeks and 6 days pregnant and my baby weights 4 lbs 13 oz and hes ahead by a week n a half due to his weight....has anyone had this happened to......thnx

Oh okay thank u
    In my opinion, c-sections are only NEEDED very rarely, but are used more because OBs like to plan when a baby can come so they aren't inconvenienced... or the c-sections are used because your body has been induced before baby is ready so it fights the chemicals and stresses baby. (That's just my opinion, I've never had any sort of experience with c-section, other than being born that way.)

    It is your and your baby's birth, not the OB's. I wouldn't trust those pregnancy 'weights' for anything. They can't tell how much fluid is in the placenta from just measuring your stomach, and even ultrasounds are a guess. Those weights are wrong many times. Also remember, that estimated due dates are usually wrong as they figure them from the last period. They can go two to three weeks either way, so you could be farther along than they think, or you could just have a big baby-you and they won't know until baby comes out.

    My son was supposed to a big baby-they 'measured' him in utero to be a 10 pounder.. He was 7.9. My youngest was supposed to be 5 pounds, she was 8 pounds. The other two were off, but not near as much.
    Oh wow thnx
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