being bad

My daughter has been on break from school and she has been around her cousin so much since on break. She has turned into them. Before she would listen won't cry that much when she was getting yelled at and never throw thing and now she is and i just don't know what to do? i can't wait for her to go back to school

    sounds like it's time to cut back on the cousin time until she can behave. It's hard to get it out of them, bad habits learned from other kids especially family.

    My son started exhibiting bad behavior learned from cousins and we started a rule that going and playing with friends/cousins is a priviledge that has to be earned, not a right. They don't listen, they don't act nicely, they don't get to go to friends' houses. It sounds harsh, but it seems to help.
      yeah i think it is time to limit her time with them. I just don't know what I am going to do in the summer when she is out of school
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