I need some help

I just found out im pregnant last night and i took a pill for a yeast infection does anyone know if that could hurt my baby>

    That's a question for your doctor's office I'd think. & Congrats!
      Sabrina Abbott
      Carly, no need to freak out. Part of being a mommy is making mistakes that hurt no one but teach us priceless lessons. Google your medication using key phrasing like "Take (name of medication) while pregnant" and don't take anymore if the search results show it's advised against.

      If it is advised against, you need to get back to your doctor to get a prescription for something that is safe for the baby.

      Google that too so you can request something specific to give him a clue... since some doctors are intellectually asleep on the job.
        8Theresa Gould
        Congratulations on your pregnancy! Sounds like you got some good advice from the other moms about your yeast infection meds.
          thanks guys
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