My 2 year old is refusing to eat anything but cheese and peanut butter and Jelly I offer him other things and its nothing but a huge battle tonight I made spaghetti for dinner because he loves spaghetti and he refused to eat he sat at the table and screaming and crying for 45minuets before making himself sick and then threw his food on the floor and fell asleep at the table because he was exhausted from his giant fit I am at my wits end Please Help

    I honestly would just let him cry and keep offering different foods. If you eventually give in to what he wants then he will keep the unwanted behavior up. Maybe give him two healthy choices to decide between. He will eventually eat. At that age they like to turn literally everything into a power struggle. Mine will be two in a few weeks and we are going through the same things.
      It's funny how sometimes they put up such a fight only to happily give in shortly after. Lol
        My daughter just started a standing to eat phase, she wont eat if she's sitting she'd rather have stuff off my plate while standing.
        Just keep trying he'll eat.
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