I wanna scream right now!!

I just got set up with this really awesome deal for my daughters senior pictures..All she has to do is pass out the info of the photographer at school to get people to get their pics taken with them too and she will get $475 worth of pictures done for FREE! Well she was all for it until she found out she would have to take the senior pics in a couple months and she won't be a senior until next year..I don't see the big deal when we are getting her pictures for free especially considering we are so broke and I'm sure we won't be doing any better off by next year...Either way we are still doing it cause I already told the lady yes and they are FREE. But I'm really pissed right now that she is still gonna expect to get them done again when she is actually a senior..I don't get it!

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    That makes me feel so much better Tabitha!:-) That is a good idea..She is gonna be looking for a job when school ends this year, so it shouldn't be too hard for her.. But I weren't even thinking about a graduation party! Oh My! Senior year is going to be so stressful..There is senior pics they do at the school to buy, yearbook, prom dress and prom pictures, outfits for senior pics, class ring, cap and gown and who knows what else..I don't know how people do it..
      I think that is great you can get such a good deal. One day she will understand. I would tell her that if she wants other pics done that she has to pay for them, or at least pay for a large portion of them. That way she has lots of time to save.
      It is such a great deal..And things like this never happen to me..I never get anything for free! I think it's awesome and I wish she would see it the way I do.. My child is spoiled though and it's my fault for that. I wish I could go back and do some things differently.But it's too late now..I just hope it all works out..And I agree that she will have to either pay or help pay if we get them done again
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