Sleep Please

Hi moms omg I'm beyond lil Egypt still isn't sleeping through the night. She is 20 months i can count on 2 hands how many times she slept through the night, since she was 8 months. I dont know what to do she never like the whole routine every night smh. Now she sleeps like 3 hours and up around 1am to 6am. My husband has to be at at 5 so this is hard on us. Also we are staying with my sister until we move into are home which will be in a few months. Which makes things harder because she doesn't have her own room...i know its not a change in environment because we have been here since she was about 6 months. This sucks i just need her to have a room maybe that is the problem. Please help guys!!!!

    Does she nap during the day? Try cutting out a nap time and keep her super busy, feed her some banana and oatmeal and warm bath before bedtime.
    What does she like to eat? This list of sleepy time meals i feed my daughter before bed time, Turkey and sweet potatoes, banana and oatmeal, green peas with brown rice, steamed spinach with lentils.
    When she wakes up is she hungry, maybe try one of these combinations and warm milk with oat and honey.
      I won't be any help. I know the feeling though Elise has never slept for more than 2 hours during the night. I tried reading to her, bathing her before night time and feeding her. Still the same wakes up every 2 hours and does not nap during the day at all! I even tried taking her outside to play in the afternoons to see if she would waste all that energy but it didn't work either. Some kids just won't sleep I guess its just the way some are until they outgrow it.

      Good luck!
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