My 8 year old

He is all boy, as the mamas say in the south. And every doctor who takes a serious look at him applauds my desire to stay patient and raise him up without medication interferences.

So what I find that works for my boy is a strong sense order, love, and repetition.

Repetition is the most important enforcer since his main disability is actually a difficulty in comprehending personal space and boundaries.

If he's so hyper that it's bordering on disobedience because of the task at time in front of him; I will seek to remove anything that is contributing to his sense of over-stimulation‚Äč. That's where it can get emotional, cause Skyler has a strong "like" for his problem contributors.

Discipline cannot be lacking with a child like mine. Modern methods that include optional consequences work very well for him however.

Helping him realize that losing his "like" can be the only consequence he suffers tends to be very effective in inspiring him to take more control of his impulses.

We have lots of hugs and love in our house every day. Cause you have to have those when "the smoke clears".

Sabrina AbbottReno, Nevada
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    8Theresa Gould
    Sounds like you are doing a great job.
      Margaret hernandez
      sound like we have the same kid at our house lol. i have to take the thing he like or love away to get the point across to him.
        4Karalyn Hines
        wow sounds like something i would have posted myself about my boys haha
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