:D We're going to Festus, Missouri for vacation in August and I'm already planning it. It's about a 9 1/2 hour drive.. The church we watch online is in Festus and they have a homecoming every year for those who watch online. I'm so excited, but also a little worried about the drive.

    That sounds like fun...I don't envy you that drive. My husband is trying to talk me into going to Ohio before the baby is born...I'm like, the drive from Oregon to Ohio is so not happening before this kid is born! lol
    Oh my lands! THAT is crazy! I'm coming up with all the things to keep the kids busy I can. We're leaving early in the morning and Dollar Tree will be my best for new toys to pull out when they get bored. On the way down we are taking interstates, on the way home we're sight seeing.
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      Oh it will be! I LOVE Missouri! It's so beautiful. Wish hubby's back was healed to trek through a few kid-safe cave tours, but I'll take what vacation I can get.
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