We are back in the US...for the time being

We got back to the US about a week before Christmas. We had a wonderful visit with my family!

We are on a wild ride and I have been swimming in mounds of paper work. I know I am still being pretty vague but I want to share only concrete information.

Things for sure:
~ The paper work for our children's proof of Canadian citizenship is nearly done and only has to be notarized before we can send it in.
~ We are still looking at farms in Canada.
~ Hubby and I are still looking for work. I have an interview process tomorrow for short-term work at home position. Here's to hoping!
~ We sold our calf just before Christmas.
~ Miss Moo and Comet both *may be* bred. Hoping, hoping, hoping. Miss Moo has been with a bull since November 16, with no signs of heat so far...so it is looking promising. Comet was just AI'd today (artificially inseminated), so we are hoping it took because it was VERY cold today.

Hoping 2015 is a better year for us and all of you!

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
8Theresa Gould
While we were in Nova Scotia it was unseasonably warm with lots of rain. They had not yet had any significant snow...until we left! Now it is very cold and they had snow a couple of days ago, as we do here in Illinois. I was talking with my mom today but we did not really talk about the weather.
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