Interview this Friday

So I have an interview this Friday. The only thing is I don't really know what the job is. I found the job posting online a few days ago and saw that the starting pay was $20 an hour! All it really said was hiring assistant managers and that they will train..I was like OMG that is awesome! I would be so excited if I could actually make that much money..I didn't even think I would get an interview, but they called today..I was so happy and almost jumping up and down at the chance to make that much money..We wouldn't be struggling anymore..Well now I'm nervous because I looked it up with the address I was given and I have a feeling it's a sales job (possibly door to door) not sure..I personally do not think I can sell stuff to people especially door to door..But the lady that called said it had something to do with air quality testing, and she named a few places you go and one was hospitals...I'm so confused..I am still going to the interview of course. I just hope it's something I feel I can do if I get offered the job..

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      Omg ladies! I'm so excited! Just got back from my interview and it went great!!!! It wasn't some door to door selling or anything like that like I was thinking..I go back Monday for orientation to find out more about what the job consists of. I tell him them whether or not I except the job. Which from what he told me I can't see any reason why I wouldn't except..He wants me to me a Trainer and after 3-6 weeks I cant move up to Assistant manager. Training pays $20 an Hour and after that I would make $500-$800 a week then Assistant manager I would make $800-$1000 a week! I can't wait to hopefully start this new job and finally get out of debt and have an actual career!.2015 is looking up! Oh and there is bonuses! Anything from weekly cash bonuses up to Free vacations for me and the kids!
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