I think so!

I was 36 when I had our son. The OB wanted to do an amnio and I didn't get it because of the risk of miscarriage. He said it was "only" 1 in 100 but I didn't want to be that 1 because it took us FOREVER to get pregnant! I agreed to have a blood test - can't remember what it was called - and agreed that if, if, if it showed anything wrong, that I'd reconsider. Thankfully, the test came back normal, all my ultrasounds were normal and our son was perfect when he was born!

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    I think it just depends on the womens body just like any pregnancy. Alot of moms are having babies later life because they want to focus on their careers first.
      8Theresa Gould
      I think so too. I had a child at almost 36 and at 40, while I was more tired than I remembered in other pregnancies both were very normal. I even had both babies at home.
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