I need y'all's help!

I have not been on a kind of birth control since early November. I had a one day period 12-01-14 and my next one would have been due 12-29-14 and here it is 1-9-15 and still no period. I took a hpt last week and it was negative. Could I still be pregnant? Has this ever happened to any of y'all and if so what's your story?

    It still could have been too early to test. I would test again and if you get a negative and still don't get your period I would go to the doc and have them do a blood test to check for pregnancy. For some women the hormone levels are not high enough early on in pregnancy to be picked up on the urine test.
      Have you retested again....go to an Obgyn to confirm pregnancy or ask him if everything is okay....it can be hormonal imbalance due to the birth control or you could be pregnant
        With my second child I was on depo provera and became pregnant and tested several times via hpt but it was always negative so I went to my regular doctor to see what was wrong with me if I wasn't pregnant and they done lots of blood work which came back that yes I was pregnant so a week later I went to my OB/GYN and got my first ultrasound and was 12 weeks along. My period was due 12/29/14 and still no show so I'm going to make a doctors appointment because it may be the same situation as my last pregnancy.
        Oh wow congratulations if it turns out that u are
          What did ur doctor say??
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