Do you think having a baby at 26 is safe?

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    Sabrina Abbott
    What a funny question. Is having a baby at any age "safe"? What definition of "safe" are we limiting the topic to?

    No, it's not safe in the general definition of the word to have a baby at all. This world is crazy, doctors are people, and the financial nightmare of possibly not being covered by insurance for something that should be free to do can be overwhelming. And then there's the horrid social realities that one must stay awake to when they have and raise a child of their own.

    Is it safe for the woman's body at 26 years of age to have a baby? Besides the obvious which is that the proper opinion is entirely dependent upon the current and previous health conditions of the mother: we'll just assume she's perfectly healthy, in which case (and from experience) 26 is a perfect age to have a baby.
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