Men just don't get it! I asked my husband last night if he could make sure I get a few hours of quiet time to do some school work. I should have known he wouldn't understand. He wants to go get the oil changed in the car...but later in the afternoon. Which means I am cooking and cleaning all morning because I won't have time to do it later on since we will be gone. He tells me he will give me time for school work when we get home. I tried explaining to him that when we get home it will be time to make dinner, then another round of cleaning, bath and bedtime for Tristen and then I'm worn out. He looked at me and said "well dinner only takes about 5 minutes to cook" Uhm...ok! Lol I think I make it look too easy somedays.

    They really, really don't! Tonight he thought once I turned the stove off that dinner would be done. He had no clue why I was then putting it into the oven. I made lasagna...but he's never watched me make it before. He's like why do you cook everything before you cook it? Uhm...I have no real answer for that one other than that is just how it is done. Lol
      Melissa Middleton
      What dinner takes five minutes to cook? Lol!! I'd hand him a tv dinner, and say: "Here. It only takes five minutes to cook."
      It seems, many a times, whatever they want to get done is a lot more important than what we need to get done, and then they wonder why we go to bed later than everyone else.
        4Ronna Jones
        My husband doesn't care what I make for dinner as long as I do but, if I don't he pouts like a little boy. We put up with so much and never get an hour off as Moms!
        Don't get me wrong I truly love being a Mom! I am a stay at home Mom and he works Mon-Fri. So, when I ask him to do something on the weekend his response is "I work all week."
        Yeah my husband does that too buti tell him that u wanted children so its ur responsibility too ...
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