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Hello y'all!!! I am a So Cal resident,in Rancho Cucamonga. Been here for almost a year. I currently work at the Cheesecake Factory. My 2 littles attend Chaparral Elementary in Claremont. I just recently started reading the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, can not wait for the movie. My husband is a manager at Buca Do Peppo in Claremont. We hardly ever get out to spend time with eachother. With the distance and time restraints for family to help us with our litties, Im having a hard time keeping my shifts at the Cheesecake Factory. I have moments where I would just like to have some me time or girl time, I have very few friends out here. Hoping to make some new friendships in my journey for a better year. Staying positive and always smiling

    Hi Jaime, nice to meet you!
      Melissa Middleton
      Welcome to Moms, Jaime.
      I know how you feel, wanting girl time. I never get it here, either. My sisters, which are my best-friends, live far from me. I have only been here almost 3 years.
        Ever Lopez
        Welcome to you will have a great time on the site! We all try to help with advice as much as we can! Oh my I can't wait either the books were Amazing hopefully the movie is as good...
          Thank you Ladies for the warm Welcome! I truly hope that I can make some friendships here. I find it hard sometimes to talk to some of the parents at my kids school, because I often feel I don't fit in or I really don't have that much in common other than our kids being in the same classes. I never attended college, so I feel that I am not all that well educated and I often don't feel my age, which will soon be 35 next Saturday :/ I didn't graduate from high school out here either, I graduated in Texas (which i miss) I have been in the restaurant industry for 14 years that's all I really know other than being a Mom and a wife. So if any of you can relate to this, then I know I'm not alone. half the time thats how I feel. :/ sorry for being such a downer, it's just been that hard.
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          A wife of 7 years, a friend for 13. :) A mother of 2 beautiful kitties, both are smart and loveable. Been in the restaurant industry for 14 years, branched out a year ago to try something different and on the side to make some extra cash. Joined an incredible company with some amazing people. Have you tried that Crazy Wrap Thing!!! have been extremely active for the last 3 years getting back in to shape and staying healthy. So far I think I've done good. Happy to share :)
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