Starting to hate the weekends!

Every weekend seems to be the same...a power struggle between Daddy and Tristen! It is driving me crazy. During the week Tristen has meltdowns but they are normally over quickly. But on the weekends it's a nightmare! My husband wants Tristen to listen to him and shut the meltdown off and stop crying on the spot and so it is this huge back and forth between the two of them and the fits and meltdowns take three times as long to get past. This Mom is at her wits end with it.

    Melissa Middleton
    I am not sure what advice I can offer if he doesn't seem to be understanding. I am sorry you are enduring this though. I hope and pray things get better for you all.
      In all fairness to my husband...Tristen is being VERY annoying this weekend especially. He is sitting here on my lap whining for no reason and has been for almost an hour. If you touch him or tell him to stop he headbutts you. I know he's teething but this is beyond grumpy. He's already busted the inside of my lip open this weekend.
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