What does the teacher mean?

So as some of you already know I have a 10 year old autistic child, Who by the way hates every school work and Homework given! Even thought I try my best for him to do Homework sometimes he does not do it due to him being physically aggressive to me, himself and property he has bang his head so hard that he has left marks due to fighting homework time. Today the teacher said to talk to him about the importance of school work! when he refused to do school work Does she think I do nothing about homework or teach him anything? what should I answer her?

    Not everyone is "perfect", you are doing the best you can. he isn't doing the work that's his fault ad not yours. Just keep positive reinforcements and keep trying!
      I wrote her I have been teaching Jan the importance of school work and homework since he started school! Also that time outs of 30 min is unnecessary unless hes being aggressive. Not when refusing work. I also ask how often is he in time out a day and how does that help? why not get him in the sensory room to chill down? I know the reply will be as long as my reply lol I said I'm sorry for the inconvenience but Jan has never likes school or work and I do my best.