this is what the latest findings on spanking conclude. According to Elizabeth Gershoff, who studies parental discipline and its effects at the University of Texas at Austin: "Kids who were spanked as 5-year-olds were slightly more likely to be aggressive and break rules later in elementary school. Spanking models aggression as a way of solving problems, that you can hit people and get what you want."

    FAankly I find these kinds of studies to often be HEAVILY skewed not only in their questioning of it's respondents but also in the selection of persons they speak with. .

    Aside from that I frankly don't believe that there is any way to link without a question of a doubt.. between spanking and aggressive behavior. Now if you're discussing abuse with aggressive behavior well then YES you can link them! BUT basic spanking when you're not leaving marks and injuries to the child(1-2 SWATS ON a butt)I do not see how you can link that to aggression..
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