Finding out new nanny for our 2 year old.

Help, help! We're sooooo sad and tired from all of this, and it lasts for 3 weeks now!
Finding out new nanny for our 2 year old. Soo hard to adjust for both of us, she doesn't want to sleep, eat, drink not even wash hands and it's destroying me from the inside. Plus, she cries most of the time, what to do!??! How to make the change easier on her, how to teach her that it's ok and she can trust the new nanny too??

    No, she's not too attached, I was going away for 2 months to work and she was with her ''old'' nanny and everything was fine, she is very communicative and outgoing, not shy at all that is why this is weird. Around me she is smiling and playing with her, unfortunately I can't know what happens once I leave, but I don't believe she is ruff or anything. Today passed much better, she even allowed her to put a shirt on her, but that's not enough. She doesn't allow the nanny to wash her hands or dress her or anything, but she allows her to tickle her and sits in her lap. It's so weird and confusing, why she acts that way towards her. Yesterday she refused to poo until the nanny left, then she ran on the potty and did her stuff....
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