Need help!!!

JJ is pretty much potty trained at the house he will go in his oen and tell me he has went and everything the car he has had accidents....he is only 21 months and im trying to find a way to make it fun and easy like at home..any advice will be helpful

    He's really young! Most boys don't potty train that early. It's always easier to potty train when a big brother/sister is around. If JJ doesn't have that, he's on his own. Just give him time. I think he's doing a great job.
      If we are going someplace close, I make them pee right before we leave-that gives me at least half an hour depending on how much they have been drinking. Long car rides I don't worry about it. Put a pull up on them, have a towel to put down in the car seat just in case. Boys are easier because you can pull off on a side road and let them pee out the door. :)
        My 4 year old is the same way. He doesn't say anything about needing to go potty until he almost pees his pants.
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