Children Services Review

So we had our 3 month case review with children services today for my nephew. It went pretty good even though his parents couldn't even show up. They now what to do a home review on me and finger prints and all that. No big deal for me, I have nothing to hid, they say just incase his(my nephews)maternal grandmother doesn't pass hers and just to have a back up plan, just incase. Court isn't until mid January so until then his maternal grandmother will keep temporary custody and on that date they will decide if she gets full custody, or me or if he'll go back with his parents( which sadly they wont do anything they are suppose to so that's not going to happen).​ I just wish for that little boys sake they'd care. I'm so tired of seeing him hurt.

    8Theresa Gould
    Sounds like things went well and your nephew will be cared for by either you or his maternal grandmother for the long term. That's a good thing since his parents are incapable of doing so right now. I am sure if they ever "wake" up, they will regret their choices. It is sad.
      Sabrina Abbott
      Try not to think about his parents' life choices; I think this could free up your bonding energy for enabling him to engage in his future with the rest of his family in a way that is going to permanently enrich and make a wonderful man out of him anyway.

      Sorry to hear about the little boy's loss, however. It makes me want to just give him a really huge hug.

      I'm gonna hug mine now...
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