Best day ever!

So today was me and my husbands 5th anverrsy! We went fishing and he helped me make a pie. He gave me a pretty necklace and a 10 gift card to my favorite spa. I gave him a nice shirt and a coffe mug. He went to work from 1 to 6 they gave him a few hours off cause of our averrsy. Then he came home and we had rolls, a great salad, fruit, fish,and my cherry pie just a little thogh. Thanks for your great tips guys you really helped me out with the fish and the surprise! After dinner i turned on some musi​c and we danced then i gave him a kiss. He is now getting ready and i will soon for we are going for a little walk then we will cuddle on the couch. Bye for now!

About Amy Berb
Born: Rillton, Pennsylvania
Current: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Birth: December 30
On since: Dec 2, 2013
Me and my loving husband live in virginia and i am pregnant with a child. I love to read and im a artist. My hobbies are reading, paintig, baking and collecting! I am a really organzied person and im always open to new things. I am also learning french.