Moms of girls!!

Hey ladies... Questions for those with little girls.. More of the age of maybe... kinder and up...

A "private" question.. My daughter plays hard and sweats a lot .. she's non stop running and jumping and when it's hot or warm (we live CA).. her privates can get red and irritated.. On the outside.. it looks like diaper rash and can sting when she bathes.. usually I soak her in Baking soda and she "airs out" over night and all is fine.. until the next time..

I'm wondering if anyone has some tricks to keep her.. dry down there? Baby powder? She hates that though since she's "not a baby" anymore... even if I sprinkle in her panties before she puts them on..

Is there something else? A powder? She's in cotton.. etc.. I'm assuming this is something she will grow out of.. ?

Thank you!​

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