Ice it

Ah, my shoulder hurts so bad, I pulled or tore something. It all started on Monday my husband forgot to bring in the stroller that I store in my car, I carried Selena in the baby carrier and oh my she's heavy. She weighs almost 24 pounds! Between carrying her and the backpack of food from the store, I was pretty sore. The next day woke up in pain and can't move my arm much. Of course my daughter wants up all the time! No rest for me, I've been taking pain relievers and tried icing it but its just so sore. Taking a hot shower tonight with my daughter, yea only way to keep an eye on her since my husband works all day. At least she likes her bath time.
My elbow is hurting too, I'm not sure what I did but I think it's time for a doctor visit!
:( Rant over, thanks for reading lol!

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