Your kids and books.

Say your kid is 12-18. and they were reading a "Young Adult Novel".
What kind of things would you EXPECT them to be reading?

    When they get that age I'm pushing for the classics. I don't like the new young adult books.
      I only read indie (independent, self-published) authors . I find that they have more imagination and don't write to please anybody. Even though I'm 48, I've read quite a few YA novels by indie authors that were fantastic. They don't feel the need to put in all the cussing and sex.
        Melissa Middleton
        It depends on what type of book it is. As a ten year old, I was reading Moby Dick and other classic novels that had no vulgar language or questionable statements. If they were reading "50 Shades of Grey," I would be livid. I won't even pick up that book. Even if they were adults, I'd be disgusted.
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