How to give your baby a healthy start? ( for TTC women)

Virtually everything you consume or inhale while pregnant will be passed through to the fetus. This process begins as soon as you conceive. In fact, the embryo is most vulnerable during the first two month, when the major body parts are just starting to form. Chemical substances such as those in cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs, and certain medications can interfere with the developmental process.
If you smoke during pregnancy, your baby birthweight may be significantly decreased. Even inhaling smoke from the cigarettes of others can affect your baby.
Excessive alcohol consumption during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage. It also can cause a condition called fetal alcohol syndrome, which causes birth defects and below-average IQ.
You should also avoid all medications and supplements except those your doctor has recommended for use during pregnancy. Even vitamins can be dangerous if taken in quantities larger then the recommended dosed.
Your caffeine intake also should be limited while you're pregnant. Caffeine does tend to keep adults awake and make them irritable, which can only make things less comfortable and restful for you.
If you own a cat, have it checked for toxoplasmosis before you become pregnant. You can reduce the chances that your cat will contact toxoplasmosis by feeding it only commercial prepared cat food. To decrease your chances of being infected, have someone who is not pregnant clean the litter box daily.
Avoid eating uncooked or partially cooked meat or fish, and practice hand washing techniques after handling uncooked meat products.

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