SNOW SNOW And More Snow ...i am very tired after slowly driving​ 30 miles to the nearest walmart for diapers .... then bought our two weeks of food ... then made the slow journey back home as the snow was falling heavier and wetter ... got home had to shovel the drive before being aboe to make it into the garage ....oh what an adventure ..thank goodness i was able to have my girls in daycare while i did this sure didn't want them with me on the road ,,, now after cooking for 8 people tonight ..that's over with and dishes done ..time to relax :) man does it feel great to sit down lol

    Sabrina Abbott
    I hear ya
      i am glad you are finally able to relax.
        8Theresa Gould
        I don't like driving in snow either. But it sure is the season.....glad you are safe and sound. Enjoy your night!
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