Does financial problem part of being married?

I feel so depress knowing my husband has a big amount of unpaid bills on his credit, the bad thing is i wanted to help him but my salary is only enough for miyu's need including Milk, Diaper Vitamins, her Monthly Vaccine. And her milk is kinda expensive. Now my husband didn't talk to me for weeks until now and it makes me upset but i can't get mad at him or confront him because of his situation, his also depress. I'm thinking of going home for few days or weeks to give him some space. Do you moms think it will help? :(

    Melissa Middleton
    I agree with Elena, you need to stay because it sounds like he needs emotional support and leaving will not help that issue. Sit down and talk with him and try to find some solutions together to get out of the financial situation he is facing.
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