Hi so I am new here My name is Abby I am 20 years old I have two kids a 1 and a two year old currently pregnant with my twins they should be here anytime now a friend recommend me to this site . My husband is currently deployed every now and then we skype but not as often as I really would like I miss him terribly and on top of it he wont be here for the birth of his kids I am really looking for some friends seeing that I really dont have many so it would be nice to have some just to take him off my mind for a bit.

4Abigail Kale
    hello and welcome Abigail!! Im glad ur friend recommend u this site its a wonderful community of moms like u and me....and congratulations on having twins ...I am also pregnant and I have a 17 month old baby boy.....im truly sorry ur husband wont be here for the birth but I truly believe he will do his best to be there by ur side ......
      Hello Abigail!
        Bethany Reilly
        Hi Abby! Nice to meet you. We can definitely help get hubby off your mind! Beautiful baby girls by the way! congratulations! I hope all is going OK. We are here for you! Welcome
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