How much is too much? Over attentive parenting

leading psychology professionals say colleagues are making a connection between the increasing anxiety disorders and narcissism they see in college students and their helicopter-style parents.

"The kids have anxiety and don't feel capable of doing things on their own," she said..

so when and where are the lines between healthy and helpful and the other side which is debilitating and destruction?

    Melissa Middleton
    Promoting independence is one great way for children, especially older ones will enable them to thrive, succeed, and do far better when they enter adulthood. Some parents "baby" their children too much. I believe this cripples the child. I admit I am over-protective but I have lightened up a lot over the year. My mother is an over-protective type and can be over-bearing as well. I know she means well, but it seems some parents tend to over shadow the younger ones. Since I've married and had children of my own, my mother has lightened up as well, seeing that I am a mature adult with a family of my own. I hope I made since; I had a screaming monkey climbing on me. Lol
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