juggling / mixing bowl

how do we the parents do it ; I mean how do we juggle family time with work and then if were going back to school how do we add that into the mixing bowl of life . I know that I want to go back to school but I have moments of doubt about if my mixing bowl is big enough . Because i know that i need to spend a lot of time, positive time with my eldest and my other two but the eldest is starting to struggle in school . An work is always difficult. So to the parents that are currently doing the triple threat of school work and home . bravo ! seriously, and if you could give me some helpful pointers on how to even out my time that would be awesome as well .

4AmandaMarysville, Ohio
elena that is a great point ive always been organized and a pre-planner .
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A Marine wife , beautician and mom of three (Indigo,David,Jeanette) life can get a lil crazy with work, family life , and juggling kid school work too, but at the end of the day when i rest my head i would be able to have my life any other way .