Life in my shoes!

so I'm 27 living in my mothers basement. I can barely stand her for she is an alcoholic. She has said hateful things to me and to my children and I can't stand it i pay her rent, after the 5th I also pay 15$ a day for rent being late (reminder this is my mother I pay) and a truck payment so my husband can get to and from work he gets paid once a month and last 2months have been slow since he is a carpenter and business is better in summer she says she can't stand us living here anymore and we have to move out. Don't know how she expects us to move when every time he gets paid we are signin the whole check over to her... I have gone threw so much stuff in my life I'm surprised im not some drug addicted/ alcholic I make sure my kids are in school everyday. They might not have all they want but I give them what they need. I don't know what to do anymore I'm so lost in life. All I know is I love my husband and love my kids I feel like all I do Is give and give not saying I expect something in return. I just hope one day I can eventually feel completely happy and content in life to be able to sit on my couch and just not have a worry in the world except what I should make for dinner. Why couldn't I be born into a different life to not ever see the things I saw or do the things I did. Wish I would have grown up in a healthier environment better teachers in life. Never thought I would be 27 and living in my mothers basement., (just had to see my thoughts written down hard to hold everything in. To know you have absolutely no one to turn tooand ask for help , and only my husbands shoulder to cry on) :'(

Life in my shoes!Life in my shoes!Life in my shoes!Life in my shoes!
    You have a beautiful family! Hubby and I have been through some really tough times financially so I know how you feel. We only just bought our first house in September last year. Before that we were living in his parents backyard in a tiny RV and it was horrible. You think things are never going to get better sometimes, and like you I don't know how I haven't ended up on drugs or something, but things DO get better. We will always have highs and lows in life, we just have to do our best to ride out the lows until the highs come again.
    And after everything I've been through, I can honestly say I appreciate all that I do have all the more because of it, and I make sure that I do my best to pay it forward so that I can help others.
    I wish you all best of luck in finding somewhere affordable to live. Have you tried posting on some facebook groups about your situation? Maybe you can find someone who has some affordable housing.
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