Second Pregnancy and Birth Experience: The Socializing Between Baby and Mom

We were instant best friends at birth, but we had some issues to work through.

During pregnancy I felt him sooner than I felt my first child. He gave me typically warned about heartburn, but nothing unmanageable. It was his disposition at birth that threw me. He came out swinging his fists and when the nurse tried to measure his head, he grabbed the tape with both hands and gave a classic native warcry in her face. He also made sounds upon his throat being cleared the resembled the first part of the major F-word LOL He's a handful alright! After the nurses left the room, he inhaled and held his breath until his face turned pale and his lips turned purple. My mother and sister were present for that. After I frantically buzzed the nurse (who sounded annoyed to hear my concern) he exhaled with a really suspicious grin. He acted like he hated breastmilk, and when it dried out, he refused the leftovers from the freezer in the bottle for 12 hours the first day. He didn't seem to understand that there was simply no more from my breasts, which until that moment I thought he hated anyway. It's so funny now; but let me tell ya ladies, I cried A LOT when he was an infant.

Oh, and he was the boy due in the month of October conceived on purpose and according to plan.

We joke that I got what I deserved, and he LOVES hearing his birth story.

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    It is great that you share your birth story with your children!
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