Preschool can be helpful for socialization... but children can be exposed to social situations in different ways than simply attending preschool. There are library classes, playgroups, playgrounds, moms, groups, and a whole other plethora of things that can socialize your child just as much as preschool can. Granted preschool is more of a "daily" routine and will get them set on a schedule. ... but schedules can also be set at home! What about academics? Ask any homeschooling mom and they will tell you that children can learn just as much at home as they do at school. but ultimately it is a personal choice whether to dip your toes into preschool or not. I just wanted to voice the opinion that there are different venues if a parent is not keen on preschool. i have sent my children to traditional preschool and have homeschooled ... and have not seen any difference!

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