Play Station 3

So we have a PS3... Three years ago (lol yeah...we play it like once every three years), we found out they have a Play Station equivalent to the Wii called The Move. It's pretty cool. Comes with a little camera so you can do the games. We've got a sports variety pack that the kids are loving watching-they are too short for the camera to catch them. And we've got a fitness game called Active 2. I only did it for a few months.. Kinda wish it had a setting for pregnancy, it's a very rigorous workout. Anybody know any good kid games, because I have to find something to get them moving, we have cabin fever and the go-tos are not working.

    LOL I'm starting to think getting a Wii would be a good thing.. My kids aren't outdoor kids and they have too much energy.
      Yeah. It's a regular play station, you just have to buy the games that say 'play station move' on the front, then it's will follow you with the camera.
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